Sarjan has brought itself distinctiveness as well as acceptance. The names which have made this possible are Q-Tec, an extensive range of components for water purification solutions for residential and industrial spheres, Purella, which accommodates end to end Residential Purification Systems and Primo for end to end Industrial Purification Systems. These brands will soon become trendsetters and lay down new benchmarks across the water purification industry.

Filters, Filter Housings, Membranes, Membrane Pressure Vessels, Pumps, Fittings, Tubings, Other Components and Accessories

Filters, Filter Housings, Multiport Valves – Manual & Automatic, Membranes, Membrane Pressure Vessels, Rota Meters, Pumps & Other Accessories

Offline Filters, UF Purifier, RO Purifier, RO+ UV/UF, RO Hi flow, Whole House Filters, Softeners – Manual & Automatic.

RO Plant, UF Plant, Media Filters, Arsenic Removal Filter, Fluoride Removal Filter, Iron Removal Filter, DM Plant, Disaster Relief, Community Plant.