Sarjan Watertech India Pvt. Ltd. is a reputed and an expert end-to-end, water purification and filtration solutions provider.

The underlying factor that defines as well as drives Sarjan and all its functions is the singular belief that providing pure water to the people is more than just a business. We understand, better than most, how pure water is integral to life and various activities that surround and support it. Our extensive range of offerings, vividly showcase, how we have translated this very humane approach into products that stand for attributes like quality, reliability, durability, cost-effectiveness, an innovative attitude and state-of-the-art technology.

We understand the science of water, we understand the importance of purity, we understand the technology required for it, the significance of innovation and we understand your needs. At Sarjan, we seamlessly integrate these and offer products that are a benchmark of ‘The Science of Purity’

The Industry and Us.

We, at Sarjan truly believe that pure water is like a fuel that injects life into our industries. These industries in turn propel a nation forward. Hence, to us, it becomes all the more important to provide the best, the latest and the most viable answers to the necessities of the industry.

To cater to the entire gamut of requirements of the industry, Sarjan designs, imports, manufacturers and provides Water Purification and Water Treatment Plants (Domestic, Commercial & Industrial) and all the relevant components, under the brand name Q-Tec, manufactured with stringent quality policies and practices and latest technology. These products are made to withstand the demanding conditions that prevail across various industries and still deliver optimal results with least amount of maintenance. We also have the expertise to manufacture as per your specifications / individual designs with the infrastructure & capacity to handle high volume requirements.

We strive in our role as a responsible steward by providing our customers with superior service, pre and post sales, besides constantly maintaining the requisite inventory for ready delivery at fair prices.

Our Assurance :

  • Best Quality
  • Competitive Price
  • Best Service
  • Best available Technology


  • To harness technological capabilities and highly qualified technical talent to deliver reliable, cutting-edge water purification solutions in India and across the globe.
  • To become an organisation favoured by existing and prospecting partners, employees and end consumers.
  • To be known for our endeavour in being responsible towards the environment and our fellow citizens.


  • To deliver the highest quality water purification solution to manufacturer and end consumers. To create a niche for ourselves on this industry and set new benchmarks year on year, to deliver innovative products and introduce new technologies.
  • Sarjan will achieve this by building sustainable customer relations, building and retaining a highly qualified talent pool, adopting global best practices, driving investments and delivering profitable growth.


  • Uncompromising rigor in pursuit of product, service and operational excellence
  • Highest standards of honesty and commitment to our customers- internal and external
  • Providing an environment that enables growth of our employees
  • Investments in technology and talent assets
  • Focus on strengthening and leveraging our core competencies
  • Awareness and sensitivity towards social and environmental responsibilities.