Purella, from the house of Sarjan, offers water filtration and purification products. Purella has always been that one name, which you could unhesitatingly trust. Purella water-filtration systems & solutions, offers a promise of bringing nothing but unbridled happiness in your life, happiness through health and surety. The cutting edge technology that we employ ensures that even the minuets of contaminants and the most resilient of microbes cannot get through, rendering your water chemically and micro-biologically safe.

Purella products, not only provide the highest level of purity, but also present ease of installation and functionality, space optimality, least amount of maintenance and a sense of responsibility towards the environment, by way of innovations that are ecologically sensitive.

Offline Filters, UF Purifiers, RO Purifiers, RO+UV+UF, RO Hi Flow, Whole House Filters, Softeners – Manual & Automatic.

Product Range

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